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The Other Side of the End of the World

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My Name is Nyssa. I was named after the character Nyssa from the British TV show Doctor Who. As fortune smiled, I was also born with red hair like the character. I am a quarter Japanese and have a great love for my grandmother's culture. Which means I obviously like anime and manga, but I have been into it since childhood. And by childhood, I mean I know who Rick Hunter is. That's right, my gateway anime was not Sailor Moon. Robotech all the way!

I am a mechanical engineering graduate student, with many antisocial hobbies like reading and watching anime, as well as writing and drawing. My life is dull, filled with many hours of studying, more tests than I would like and the loss of self control when I buy too many manga/check out too many books or love to many things.

Insert witty closing remark here, for I have no wit to spare here.

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Color Bars

Hotaru x Akira is fire and ice love.

I Love LeeI Love KyuubiI Love Kiba
I Love SasukeI Love Naruto

bound!naruto is love
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timeskip!Naruto is just love ♥

SasuNaru is bloody tragic painful love ♥
NaruSasu is Abusive Love
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