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New Year's Resolutions...

Old Resolutions
1.) Update LJ more consistently

Fail. Really oh my god, fail.
2.) Track things, like movies and books

I failed again.
3.) Write 5000 words a month

I… didn’t do this I don’t think but if we count the New52 reviews past September this is probably true.
4.) Read 100 Books

Also probably not true but I did read at least 30.
5.) Do NaNoWriMo

Mission Accomplished.
6.) Do ScriptFrenzy

Mission also accomplished.
7.) Make headway on Thesis

I don’t want to talk about it.
8.) Video Games

I beat some. Arkham City and Assassin’s Creed Revelations were some highlights.
9.) Stablize pull list

Thank you new52 for totally ruining this. Thanks.
10.) Survive Sarah's wedding :)

Survived the toast even.
11.) Plan Trip to Japan

Tsunami killed this plan.
12.) Plan Trip to California

Going to California for like a day later this month so that counts.
13.) Get active in Fandom or something

Sort of but not really.
14.) Open up about a secret or two

Maybe? No idea.
15.) Get rid of some things

Yes and no. I have planned to get rid of them.
16.) Start drawing again

Nopes. Not really.
17.) Read Red Mars/Blue Mars

18.) Get through Good Omens

19.) Redecorate

Yes! I did this one!
20.) Enjoy the year

Yeah. For the most part.
21.) Start something new

Uhm. Started something old once again if that counts? I am back to reading manga but technically that is a fairly recent development so I don’t think I should count it.
22.) Turn 23

Yes. Obviously.

New Resolutions
1.) Update LJ more consistantly
2.) Track things, like movies and books
3.) Write 1000 words a month
4.) Read 100 Books
5.) Do NaNoWriMo
6.) Do ScriptFrenzy
7.) Finish Grad School
8.) Beat some videogames, especially as you have about 8 that are unfinished.
9.) Stablize pull list
10.) Plan Trip to Japan
11.) Get active in Fandom or something
12.) Get rid of some things
13.) Start drawing again/do something artistic
14.) Read Red Mars/Blue Mars
15.) Get through Good Omens
16.) Redecorate
17.) Spectrum_rpg
18.) Save Save Save
19.) Watch some of the things you own but haven’t watched
20.) Record Keep.
21.) Start something new
22.) Enjoy the year

23.) Turn 24

+ Nyssa

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