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Movie list for 2011

 So movies that I have watched so far in 2011, with some sort of ranking system eventually because ATM, I am lazy. Also a tiny bit of a RXN thing and maybe quotes, when I feel motivated/the movie cooperates and gives me a short enough one. New movies are prefaced by a (*) 

List of Movies Watched in 2011

1.) *Shutter Island (2010) || Leonardo DiCaprio || 4.5/5 || January 1st, 2011
I like this movie. It was scary, and trippy and generally terrifying in a way that I really did not expect. DiCaprio = Amazing, as always. I felt awkward at the beginning though. Not sure why, but the start just felt off to me, and not in the context of the film. Once the beginning was over, everything was perfect, acting, scenes, etc.
2.) *Penelope (2006) || Christina Ricci || 4/5 || January 2nd, 2011
This movie surprised me. I was expecting the usual "Love Thyself" message but the movie itself did not play out at all like I expected it too, given the trailers (which admittedly, I have not watched in several years). But it was adorable, and sweet and generally a feel good story with a happy sappy ending with adorable children being very wise, so exactly what I wanted out of a fairytale, even a modern one.
3.) *TRON: Legacy (2010) || Garrett Hedlund || 5/5 || January 4th, 2011 
 I LOVED IT! Like... I really enjoyed it. The soundtrack was amazing, the effects were awesome and I thought it was pretty good all around. AND LIGHT CYCLE! OH MY GOD! I really enjoyed it. And the Glorious Eye Candy was GORGEOUS. So Pretty. I adored it. Really Really did. 
4.) *TRON: Legacy (2010) || Garrett Hedlund || 5/5 || January 6th, 2011
I saw it again... :) Can you blame me. It was amazing. I want a Light Cycle.
5.) *Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010) || Michael Cera || 5/5 || January 7th, 2011
I enjoyed it. Silly and funny and exciting all around. But I enjoyed it. I never really got into the comic book series. The art did nothing for me and that made it a bit difficult for me to get into it. But I liked it, and I liked the ending. There was a lot of hate when I was looking around about misogyny and such, but I think the movie did a good job of at least... deflecting that. Plus, Ramona Flowers looks creepily like my aunt....
6.) *Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996) || Melissa Joan Hart || ?/5 || January 7th, 2011
I ended up watching this by... accident? Proximity? I don't know. It was traumatic, as movies about teenagers usually are, especially made for TV movies. And it had Baby Ryan Reynolds in it, which made it hilarious and fun to watch. But I realized that I had never seen it. I watched the TV series but never the movie... huh?

To be continued (and eventually put under a cut because I LOVE movies)
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