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DCCOMICS (15 issues) -
Batgirl #5 [new52]
Batman and Robin #5 [new52]
Batwoman #5 [new52]
DCU Online Legends #21 (of 26)
Demon Knights #5 [new52]
Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #5
Green Lantern #5 [new52]
Grifter #5 [new52]
Legion Lost #5 [new52]
My Greatest Adventure #4 (of 6)
The Ray #2 (of 4)
Resurrection Man #5 [new52]
The Shade #4 (of 12)
Suicide Squad #5 [new52]
Superboy #5 [new52]

Marvel (6 issues) -
Amazing Spiderman #677 [tie into next Daredevil]
Daken: Dark Wolverine #19 [ending soon]
Deadpool #49
Scarlet Spider #1 [new series]
Wolverine #300
X-Factor #230

Image, Vertigo, etc (4 issues) –
Last of the Greats #4 [probation]
Operation Broken Wings #3 (of 3)
The Strange Tales of Luthor Strode #4 (of 6)
Whispers #1 [new series]

Total - 25 issues

Also Bought -
Batman: Through the Looking Glass
Invincible TPB: Get Smart
Assorted Manga

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In the last year I started collecting statues, a lot of them. My total is now... well here's a list and we'll count at the end kay...

Bishoujo Wonder Woman
Bishoujo Catwoman
Bishoujo Batgirl
Bishoujo Supergirl
Bishoujo Dark Pheonix
Ame-comi Wonder Woman
Ame-comi Wonder Girl
Ame-comi mini Wonder Woman
Ame-comi mini Batgirl
Ame-comi mini Harley Quinn
Ame-comi mini Poison Ivy
Ame-comi mini Cheetah 
Ame-comi mini Hawkgirl
Watchmen: Rorschach Bust
Watchmen: Nite Owl II Bust
Watchmen: Owl Ship
Black and White Batman: Gotham Knight Deadshot version
Heroes of the DCU bust: Superman
Heroes of the DCU bust: Aquaman
Blackest Night action figure : Deadman (but he's broken right now)
Blackest Night action figure : Aquaman
Brightest Day action figure : Red Lantern Guy Gardner
DC Collections action figure : Catman
AlphaxOmega - Tia Harribel {NEW}

My Wishlist is also pretty impressive but yeah we'll worry about that later :)

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DC Comics (14 issues) - 
Action Comics #5 [new52]
Animal Man #5 [new52]
Batwing #5 [new52]
Detective Comics #5 [new52]
Hawk and Dove #5 [new52]
Huntress #4 (of 6)
Justice League International #5 [new52]
Men of War #5 [new52]
OMAC #5 [new52]
Penguin: Pain and Predjudice #4 (of 5)
Red Lanterns #5 [new52]
Stormwatch #5 [new52]
Supernatural #4 (of 6)
Swamp Thing #5 [new52]

Marvel (5 issues) - 
Avengers X-Sanction #2 (of 4)
Defenders #2
Punisher #7
Uncanny X-Force #19.1
X-23 #20 [ending soon]

Image, Vertigo, etc (4 issues) - 
Fatale #1 [new series]
iZombie #21
Shinku #4
Vescell #5 [probation]

Total - 23 issues

Also bought -
Batman: the Dark Knight - Golden Dawn
100 Bullets #4

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Books for 2012

Title (year) | Writer | # of pgs | Date Finished

Movie list for 2012

1 - Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame (2011) | Netflix | January 1st, 2012

2 - Rio (2011) | Netflix | January 8th, 2012

3 - Get Low (2009) | Netflix | January 10th, 2012

4 - Tron (1982) | Netflix | January 12th, 2012

5 - Beauty and the Beast (1991) | 3D rerelease in theaters | January 13th, 2012

New Year's Resolutions...

Old Resolutions
1.) Update LJ more consistently

Fail. Really oh my god, fail.
2.) Track things, like movies and books

I failed again.
3.) Write 5000 words a month

I… didn’t do this I don’t think but if we count the New52 reviews past September this is probably true.
4.) Read 100 Books

Also probably not true but I did read at least 30.
5.) Do NaNoWriMo

Mission Accomplished.
6.) Do ScriptFrenzy

Mission also accomplished.
7.) Make headway on Thesis

I don’t want to talk about it.
8.) Video Games

I beat some. Arkham City and Assassin’s Creed Revelations were some highlights.
9.) Stablize pull list

Thank you new52 for totally ruining this. Thanks.
10.) Survive Sarah's wedding :)

Survived the toast even.
11.) Plan Trip to Japan

Tsunami killed this plan.
12.) Plan Trip to California

Going to California for like a day later this month so that counts.
13.) Get active in Fandom or something

Sort of but not really.
14.) Open up about a secret or two

Maybe? No idea.
15.) Get rid of some things

Yes and no. I have planned to get rid of them.
16.) Start drawing again

Nopes. Not really.
17.) Read Red Mars/Blue Mars

18.) Get through Good Omens

19.) Redecorate

Yes! I did this one!
20.) Enjoy the year

Yeah. For the most part.
21.) Start something new

Uhm. Started something old once again if that counts? I am back to reading manga but technically that is a fairly recent development so I don’t think I should count it.
22.) Turn 23

Yes. Obviously.

New Resolutions
1.) Update LJ more consistantly
2.) Track things, like movies and books
3.) Write 1000 words a month
4.) Read 100 Books
5.) Do NaNoWriMo
6.) Do ScriptFrenzy
7.) Finish Grad School
8.) Beat some videogames, especially as you have about 8 that are unfinished.
9.) Stablize pull list
10.) Plan Trip to Japan
11.) Get active in Fandom or something
12.) Get rid of some things
13.) Start drawing again/do something artistic
14.) Read Red Mars/Blue Mars
15.) Get through Good Omens
16.) Redecorate
17.) Spectrum_rpg
18.) Save Save Save
19.) Watch some of the things you own but haven’t watched
20.) Record Keep.
21.) Start something new
22.) Enjoy the year

23.) Turn 24

+ Nyssa

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So,Wednesdays = Comics. This is pretty much how Wednesdays and I are meant to be.

Pull List (what I wanted and picked up)
Adventure Comics #522
Batman Beyond #1
Brightest Day #17
Steel #1
Superboy #1
Antman & Wasp #3 (of 3)
Avengers Prime #5 (of 5)
Avengers: Children's Crusade #4 (of 9)
Generation Hope #3
Wolverine Best There Is #2
X-Factor #213
iZombie #9

Still Need (what I have missed recently)
Spidergirl #2
Azreal # 7 - 16
Brightest Day # 17 Variant Cover
Doom Patrol #18
Freedom Fighters #5
Jonah Hex #63
JSA All Stars #14
Weird Worlds #1 (of 6)

What I also got (obviously)
Green Arrow/Black Canary: Road to the Alter TPB
Green Arrow/Black Canary: Family Business TPB
Green Arrow/Black Canary: League of Their Own TPB
Three Starman TPBs (can't tell you which, sorry)
Bishojo Batgirl Statue (I WAS WEAK)

+ Nyssa

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Quote of the Day: Altaïr: "It seems everything I do troubles you", Malik: "Reflect on that. But do so on your way to Masyaf."


So went to see TRON: Legacy with Ian. I enjoyed it a lot actually. Go to movies part for like... Happy Buzz feeling or whatevs. I really did enjoy it though. It made me happy though. And I spent a long moment wishing that I had a light cycle, or at least that I could speed. It was difficult driving home on essentially deserted streets. 

I also restarted Dynasty Warriors, since the PS3 died and I was like "NOOO" because of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and then I was like "OMG NO NOT DYNASTY WARRIORS!!!!" because, essentially I was like 5 characters from the end and now I have to start all over, which means I have to do the battle of Yi Ling. Which I hate.

Hahaha maybe do a list of those later once I start finishing games too. But games are sooo much harder to "finish". For example, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Trophies vs plot, what counts as completing? ARGH. Maybe just the games I play....>.>

+ Nyssa

Reading: Drowned Wednesday
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Quote of the Day: "I fight for the user!" ~ Tron

Books for 2011

 Haven't read any yet, unless we talk about Comic Books. Haha. Should make a list just for all the crap I buy too, just so that way I can look back and shudder. 

Format..... hms..... 

Title || Author || pgs || rating || date

YAY so pretty much exactly like movies on less focused on the year. Because Years are important.

Man I am kind of boring huh? Meh.

Dusty leaves for Disneyland tomorrow :)

+ Nyssa

Reading: Drowned Wednesday
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Quote of the Day:
Altaïr: "Safety and peace, Malik."
Malik: "Your presence deprives me of both!"

Movie list for 2011

 So movies that I have watched so far in 2011, with some sort of ranking system eventually because ATM, I am lazy. Also a tiny bit of a RXN thing and maybe quotes, when I feel motivated/the movie cooperates and gives me a short enough one. New movies are prefaced by a (*) 

List of Movies Watched in 2011

1.) *Shutter Island (2010) || Leonardo DiCaprio || 4.5/5 || January 1st, 2011
I like this movie. It was scary, and trippy and generally terrifying in a way that I really did not expect. DiCaprio = Amazing, as always. I felt awkward at the beginning though. Not sure why, but the start just felt off to me, and not in the context of the film. Once the beginning was over, everything was perfect, acting, scenes, etc.
2.) *Penelope (2006) || Christina Ricci || 4/5 || January 2nd, 2011
This movie surprised me. I was expecting the usual "Love Thyself" message but the movie itself did not play out at all like I expected it too, given the trailers (which admittedly, I have not watched in several years). But it was adorable, and sweet and generally a feel good story with a happy sappy ending with adorable children being very wise, so exactly what I wanted out of a fairytale, even a modern one.
3.) *TRON: Legacy (2010) || Garrett Hedlund || 5/5 || January 4th, 2011 
 I LOVED IT! Like... I really enjoyed it. The soundtrack was amazing, the effects were awesome and I thought it was pretty good all around. AND LIGHT CYCLE! OH MY GOD! I really enjoyed it. And the Glorious Eye Candy was GORGEOUS. So Pretty. I adored it. Really Really did. 
4.) *TRON: Legacy (2010) || Garrett Hedlund || 5/5 || January 6th, 2011
I saw it again... :) Can you blame me. It was amazing. I want a Light Cycle.
5.) *Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010) || Michael Cera || 5/5 || January 7th, 2011
I enjoyed it. Silly and funny and exciting all around. But I enjoyed it. I never really got into the comic book series. The art did nothing for me and that made it a bit difficult for me to get into it. But I liked it, and I liked the ending. There was a lot of hate when I was looking around about misogyny and such, but I think the movie did a good job of at least... deflecting that. Plus, Ramona Flowers looks creepily like my aunt....
6.) *Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996) || Melissa Joan Hart || ?/5 || January 7th, 2011
I ended up watching this by... accident? Proximity? I don't know. It was traumatic, as movies about teenagers usually are, especially made for TV movies. And it had Baby Ryan Reynolds in it, which made it hilarious and fun to watch. But I realized that I had never seen it. I watched the TV series but never the movie... huh?

To be continued (and eventually put under a cut because I LOVE movies)
+ Nyssa

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